Salsa Bars, Clubs, Dance Studios, & Nightclubs in South Florida

Name: Salsa Lovers Studio & Event Center Miami

Location: 1405 SW 107th Ave Miami, FL 33174

Tel. 305-220-7115

Hours: Mon - Fri 12-10 Sat 10am - 2pm Closed Sundays

Cover Charge: Depende


Name: Las Tabernas de Wancho

Location: 2100 W. 76th St. Hialeah, FL 33016

Tel. 305-822-7833

Hours: Friday 9pm till 4am Saturday 9pm till 4am

Cover Charge: $5.00 Ladies $10.00 Men

Name: Paladium Latin Nightclub

Location: 5688 W. Sample Rd. Coral Springs 33073

Tel. 954-977-7752

Hours: Friday - Sat 10pm till 4am

Cover Charge: $20.00 on average


Name:  Hoy Como Ayer

Location: 2212 SW 8th St. Miami, FL  33135

Tel.  305-541-2631

Hours:  Wed till Sunday 9pm till 3am

Cover Charge:  varies by salsero



Name: Hialeah Park Casino / Salsa Bar

Location:  2200 East 4th Ave Hialeah, FL 33013

Tel.  305-885-8000

Hours: 9pm - 3am

Cover Charge: $0.00


Name: La Noche Club Nocturno

Location: 115 So 20th Ave. Hollywood, FL

Tel. 561-346-6678

Hours: Wed - Sat 5pm hasta 4am

Cover Charge: Varies


Name:  Mangos Tropical Cafe

Location:  900 Ocean Dr. South Beach

Tel. 305-673-4422

Hours: Till 5am on weekends.

Cover Charge:  varies


Name:  Bongos Cuban Cafe & Nightclub

Location:  601 Biscayne Blvd. Miami, FL 33132

Tel.  786-777-2100


Cover Charge: 


Name: La Covacha Nightclub

Location: 10730 NW 25th St. Doral, FL 33172

Tel.  305-594-3717

Hours:  depende?

Cover Charge: varies


Name:  Club Mystique

Location:  7131 West Flagler Miami, FL  33144

Tel. 305-262-9500

Hours:  9pm till 3am on Weekends

Cover Charge:  $10.00

Website: none

Name: Bailo Nightclub & Cigar Lounge

Location: 7020 NW 72nd Ave. Miami, FL 33166

Tel. 305-223-7311


Cover Charge: $20.00


Name: Siboney Salsa Club

Location: 6051 SW 8th St, West Miami, FL 33144

Tel. (786) 953-5924

Hours: 9pm till 4am

Cover Charge: varies


Name: Club Tropical Ballroom

Location: 211 SE 1st Ave. Hallandale Beach, FL  33009

Tel. 954-257-0521

Hours:  Saturdays 10pm - 3am

Cover Charge: $12.00  FREE Parking


Name: YUCA - Young Urban Cuban Americans

Location: 501 Lincoln Road Miami Beach, FL 33139

Tel. 305-532-9822

Hours: Wed & Fridays Salsa Dancing 7:30pm

Cover Charge: Free


The Salsa Music Bloggings of South Florida

by: Jay “Santiago” Shapiro el Gringo Salsero

Seeking a salsa nightclub in South Florida? You may want to consider going to a classic salsa bar which has a great reputation, treats their clients with respect, and has been in business for many years. There are many salsa clubs, dance studios and venues to choose from in South Florida and here I'm going to blog, complain, reward, exclamate and blabber on about the various locations I've attended:

Bailo Nightclub in Miami.

I was invited by my friend Al Barry who runs the South Florida singles expo. Al knows that I love latin music and so he told me about Bailo. Bailo is a huge salsa club located in a former strip club. Bailo is located at NW 72nd Ave in Miami, Florida. Upon arriving they had the step and repeat backdrop set up for a supposed grand opening. We found out later that they advertise grand openings there every week and its nothing more than a ploy to bring business in to the place. We arrived about 9pm and drove all the way from Fort Lauderdale. Our South Philly friends rode down on Harley's from Boca Raton. The club itself is HUGE and I think it could be a cash cow if it were managed properly but I do have my downs. Some PR tricks work and some are simply designed to bring business in for the short term. I would not even doubt if this place has a lease including free rent for a few months and that is why they are promoting grand opening events over and over. It was NOT a grand opening! No ribbon cutting, they charged $20.00 when in fact real latin club grand openings do not charge! We also paid $150. to sit in a select VIP area yet all other people flowed in freely to this area so there was nothing VIP about it. They charged for the food. This things they do have going for it: large salsa club with a decent size dance floor, elevated stage, great bands like Ramiro Aguirre perform there and croon out classic salsa from Hector Lavoe, Willy Colon, Ruben Blades, Celia Cruz, Hector Tritoche and many more. The wait staff is pretty friendly also but the prices on the menu were twice the price of what the final tape came up to. As for longevity of this salsa club I give it either three months or six months until they are out of business. Depending on how long their lease runs. In any case if they make amends and invite me back I would return. Its a great club with great music they just need to brush up on ethics!!!

Hialeah Park Racetrack Casino / Salsa Bar.  

El Club de la Salsa dentro del Casino en un buen sitio para bailar salsa en Miami / Hialeah. Es gratis, el piso de baile es perfecto y el bar es estilo herradura, la gente que bailen alla son Cubanos por la mayoria y la musica es una mezcla de salsa classica y merengue. No hay cobre / entrada es gratis y la banda depende pero por lo general hay bandas pequenas y a vezes solo un DJ. Vale la pena ir y tu puedes apostar un poco dinero tambien. Si quieres echar un trago es un poco costoso pero no tan fuerte!

Las Tabernas de Wancho.

Las Tabernas de Wancho is perhaps the best latin music nightclub in all of South Florida. Two large dance floors of which one generally plays salsa classica and the other offers the authentic Colombian experience. A third area can be used as a dance floor is actually a banquet hall which we dub: MIALEAH EXECUTIVE PENTHOUSE and this banquet hall hosts 40-60 people perfectly and can be used as a Hialeah / Miami Lakes Event venue for small weddings or chamber of commerce style networking mixers. Las Tabernas de Wancho itself is a whole Penthouse club as its on the top floor of a tall building. They generally charge about $10. for the ladies and $20. for the men. If you host a special event there they can give you some free drink tickets but if you are going there just to dance salsa and eat n drink be prepared and bring cash. The drinks can be a little on the expensive side. They price beer right along with drinks at $8.00 a pop! They do however have the most extensive rum menu of any of the salsa clubs we've reviewed in South Florida.

Paladium Salsa Club

Paladium is one of the foremost latin music nightclubs in Broward County and hosts a wide variety of music on different nights of the week. I think Tuesday is Disco / Hussle Dance Night with a free buffet and Friday & Saturday offers up more than enough salsa n merengue with two dance floors so if one dance floor does not have that latin flair or dance style that you're looking for than simply tango on over to the other salsa floor. $20.00 cover on the weekends and its a younger crowd on Friday night but the cover does include drinks! Salsa On my Friends!!!